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Thank you for acknowledging that stainless steel can rust. It’s a common misconception that’s it’s immune to everything.
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Also, it is true that it becomes immune to spotting and finger prints with age. Mine fridge is now about 5 years old now and I rarely have to do anything to it except wipe down the handles.

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Connie Bundy

To those of you who have read here that Bar Keeper's Friend is great.... Go spend about a dollar on a can of Bon Ami. The label says "hasn't scratched yet," and I'd have to say that's true. BUT, it is way better than BKF for cleaning. It does everything from the kitchen sink to removing that blue water buildup on shower tiles. Easy! The only thing I would not use it on is a car! Get it at the grocery store. Regarding the refrigerators, I don't know what goes on at your house, but mine just doesn't ever get all that bad! SSMagic is probably the easiest to find, but even Pledge will do a nice job. If I notice a water "run"from the dispenser, I just grab a damp dishtowel and wipe in the direction of the grain. Same goes for the occasional finger marks on handles. Maybe those with cleaning issues have forgotten that you have to remove food buildup before you polish it into the finish. 2 steps here! PS; I LOVE my stainless!

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