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I believe that the tree "Bird of Wood" is trying to identify is a Halesia (Carolina Silverbell). The deer leave the Halesia in my PA. garden alone.

Thanks for the great suggestions Brian. Something I would like to point out is that it is not only deer browsing that can damage a beautiful tree but also buck rubs - when bucks use their antlers to rub the bark from trees typically of small caliper (1 - 4"). The damage can be extensive. It is a good idea to keep the lower trunks of small or very young trees wrapped from late summer/early fall into late spring.

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Thank you Woodland Mermaid for the info about the Carolina Silverbell. You are so right about the damage caused by Bucks rubbing their antlers against small saplings, I had noticed one of our sarvisberry bent down and showing a large wound on it's cambium, down to the bare dead wood. Now I know it wasn't me mowing...

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Diane Schuller

We have found that our Mimosa (aka Silk Tree aka Albizia) tree has lovely pink flowers in summer that attracts hummingbirds but the deer have never touched it. ... touch wood.

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