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Very good article with info never knew about. The goldfinches just arrived to my feeders last week & are a beautiful sight to see. I'm going to plant more milkweed & thistle when spring really arrives in this area.

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I found last winter that they avoided the nyjer feeder to the point I took it down and now fill two black oil sunflower seed feeders instead. I also put out red grapes, which they all love.

Definitely definitely clean out those bird baths! I caught a house finch with conjunctivitis a couple years ago. I drove him to a wildlife rehab two hours away. It took three weeks to get him back to good health.

And don't be surprised if your see your finches drinking from your hummingbird feeder. I witnessed that this spring too.

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Dear Rhiannon and American readers , I live in the UK, at a house built into a 2 acre walled garden, with extensive Lavender ( Munstead) borders- thousands of plants. We have a flock of over 30 finches, who look very much like our European Goldfinch, but without the red flashes on their heads- and they love the seed heads of Lavender. They make a cheerful sight amid the Fruit trees and the lavenders. Regards, David Wiggins Staffordshire UK

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