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Great article and I too love that kitchen island! We are finishing up 16 years of homeschooling this coming June and I could tell you a lot about "schoolhouse style" that I have seen in many moms' homes! Homeschoolers buy and store all their own supplies and curricula and some are lucky to have separate schoolrooms all set up and organized. We didn't -- our family always had to make do with the kitchen table doing double duty -- lots of clutter to clear away for meals. But the best part of school for us was snuggling on the couch reading great books together, even into the teens.

Storage of books, science materials, arts and crafts, and other materials is a huge issue for homeschoolers. I appreciate the articles on Houzz along these lines.

Hanging a good map on the wall somewhere where it will be seen all the time is a great idea because your kids will begin to absorb some geographical knowledge just by osmosis! In our former apartment, we had 2 big laminated maps on the wall of our living room and used markers to do things like chart the travels in the book "Around the World in 80 Days." Inexpensive decorating for a large wall, too.

Speaking of schoolhouse style, one thing that I will always be sad about is that when we moved from our mobile home into our apartment, I had to leave behind my desk, which was too big and heavy to transport and fit into the apt. It was an old grey metal school desk that I got free from our church's school when they upgraded furniture (and I'm sure they had gotten it second or third hand!) -- the kind the teachers had in the 60s when I was in elementary school. Drawers and pullout shelves on both sides and a rubbery desktop that had been "decorated" over the years by various students. I loved that old ugly desk and will always miss it. I made shelves over it with cinder blocks and boards, and it held everything you could imagine! What I have now works okay but is really tiny -- a shelf over small filing cabinets. I really miss those pull-out shelves!

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This is awesome. We have a vintage library table from a school for our dining room table. And I have a small card catalog cart (I bought it from someone who painted it blue and attached it to a rolling bottom). So I got some advice from Houzzers and am currently making our dining room in this theme! Reupholstering some (free to me) skirted parsons chairs from formal old old fabric to blue and white ticking with denim welting. I was so happy to find the old library table (scratches and all) on Craigslist! Thanks for additional ideas!
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One thing I want to do- inspired by a Houzz photo- a cork board covered accent wall that actually gets used.
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