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I don't understand why most sites that talk about the right garden plants, ignore any zone past 7 or 8? Do they not know we midwesterners also have gardens and enjoy color in them as well? I would be interested in zone 5 perennials for my garden.

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International Treescapes, LLC

I love Salvia greggii, it's one of the prettiest and it attracts Hummingbirds!

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Heh, designgirl178..I had the same thought--this selection is highly focused on California--I guess they are dry. I'm focused on Maine and so with you on zone 5. Soldago (Goldenrod) is awesome yellow--it's falsely accused of causing allergy but that is because it coincidentally blooms at the same time as ragweed (While most here think its a weed, its a choice garden plant in Europe and an exotic import from NA.) New England Aster-- beautiful blue/purple. Want some thing tall: Joe Pye Weed (Eutrochium purpureum)--5 to 6 feet tall with gorgeous dusty purple flower heads--there are shorter varieties that have been developed. Want white- Aruncus (Goat's beard)--awesome or cimicifuga--(many varieties, some with purple/black foliage that stands out through the summer, and white flowers in fall awesome against the purple foliage. Monarda (bee balm) in red, purple also blooms into the later part of the season. Various milkweeds (Asclepias), purple and orange, enjoy the color while providing butterfly habitat.Or mix these with some native grasses, that have fantastic blooms in the fall--miscanthus. These are mostly natives, not quite the xeric/desert type plants in this article but will thrive in midwest (well depending on what you consider midwest---WI, MI, MN, Iowa--maybe not enough water if further west.

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