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Daniela Adams

I agree with you, it's better for two spouses to be at the meeting. That way a contractor will not have to change the plans once things get started. I didn't realize that a contractor can play so many roles at the same time. We are looking for a general contractor now, and I will be looking out for the things you mentioned in your article.

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Aspen Bowen

It's interesting to read all of the different roles your general contractor can play in your project. My favorite was reading what you said about them being your translator. I don't understand a lot of the terms they use and it's always helpful to have someone explain things to me when I'm lost. 

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Sigg Brothers Homes | Modern Craftsmen of Colorado

This is a great article. It is spot on. This is exactly why you should get a feel for your contractors character and personality before you make a decision. You need to be able to feel like you can easily communicate and that you are being heard. Also, I will say that people really appreciate that I am also a realtor and investor myself. It really does add confidence knowing that there are all these other layers of expertise built into the process. My wife is the "in house" designer also. Some folks need some extra hand holding and it's just been a great package deal. Every client is different and you have to be able to adapt to their particular needs. If you are interviewing contractors I highly recommend going out to lunch with them with your spouse. My wife and I do this all the time with potential clients. It just gives them a chance to ask us questions and get to know us as real people and a family. Sigg Brothers Homes, Colorado

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