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I love these! I have a patch of them in the corner space by the side of our house. As a host plant the ageratums can't be beat! I hope you don't mind my sharing...

There is a cousin of the mistflower growing there too, called Ageratina havanensis. It was a volunteer by the garden gate. In some years can grow to be 4 to 6 feet tall, with white flowers and the most delightful scent! It is always full of wild bees and little butterflies. More information on this white flowered cousin can be found at the Ladybird Johnson Information Center:

In this photo it had grown to its full 6 ft height...

and was even host to a 3 inch praying mantis!

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Great plant. Mine was covered in small black butterflies and Queens yesterday.

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Carolyn Zone9alady

So that's what they are called, I have them growing wild all over the property! Great!

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