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Yes, Judeirwin, they do! I loved ThatHomeSite at Gardenweb where you would be expelled for any such self-promotion. The hairs on the back of my neck still go up when I see it here! Houzz bought Gardenweb, so I am slowly getting used to it....

I just bought new windows from a local Michigan company who was recommended by the folks at ThatHomeSite, Vanguard Windows by the Sunshine Window Co. I love many things about these windows - their lifetime warranty, the design, the inch less of vinyl and fiberglass between the twinned casements as compared to a six year old Marvin I have. Our screens are inside in the Vanguards, too. The odd part of this design is that we got the windows with blinds inside the glass, and because the control is ON the glass, you have to remove the screens to operate the blinds. Bizarre!

We knew this going in. Because of my asthma and the neighborhood's propensity towards always lighting something or other on fire - barbecues, backyard fire pits or just fireplaces - I can rarely have the windows open in the cool of the evening anyway. I cannot sleep with the windows open because I think a neighbor may heat with wood and there is smoke outside at night. It would mean a trip to the ER for me! So leaving the screens off is fine.

The double-hung windows by Vanguard have this issue solved. They have the blind controls off to the side, in the channel of the body of the frame. The casement and awning windows have a little pulley mechanism on the window glass, though. Our windows just do not work as double-hungs. I do love having the blinds inside the glass and the triple-pane advantage of the extra layer of glass. No more hearing garbage trucks in the early morning!

I keep the screens in each room nearby the windows, tucked behind a piece of furniture. Luckily, if we need to vent kitchen smoke or whatever, it is on the other side of the house where there are older Eagle and that one Marvin window to feed air to the open skylight in the kitchen!

One thing we have learned is that the territorial Cardinal father in the yard is not affected by screens inside the house. He has been attacking the new windows like crazy, seeing his reflection in the windows there. Putting the screens back in did not help at all. Closing the blinds does help as long as the cloud cover is not just optimal for reflections. I hope he does not beat his brains out on our new windows!

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Nina Lee Realty
@tecekelly that's a myth. See Snopes:
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I just whipped through the house pulled off all the screens and it really improves the view and my mood.
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