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Alan Hart

Automist, iMist and Puck are the main competitors for retrofitting sprinklers. Automist also complies with Building Regulations and has the best testing of any of them. A multiroom Automist is coming out in 2018 with some very cool technological upgrades. Don't be tempted to consider iMist or Puck if any room is larger than 32 m2 or requires more than 2 sprinkler heads: they don't comply with British Standards or Building regs in those cases.

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Ealing Home Improvements Ltd

PuckFire system complies with Building Control even if the room is bigger than 32m2 or requires more than two sprinkler heads. We have recently completed a couple of projects that were signed off successfully.

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Melanie Norton
So this is the area in question , still finishing off, (yet to put fire doors in) last year my building regs inspector (local council) said he would not accept sprinklers alone in this area. He still said would need something screening off kitchen or corridor from stairs leading into front room.I got 4 smoke detectors wired up to mains electrics as well does seem (1 each floor & 2 downstairs) as I have ran out of budget right now I have no choice but to not get loft conversion signed off. But I do aim to get it signed off in future. If I new he'd accept sprinkler I may have blown budget. I have seen big houses in London signed off for sprinklers yet my relatively previously small 1 bed (now 3 bed) terraced cottage just cant be signed off.
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