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@jsbonelli, there is a reason most curbless and doorless showers are in bathrooms designed as wet rooms — full tiling, up to the ceiling, and not a lot of wood cabinets or fabric anywhere. When you stand under a pressurized stream of water, the water does splash in a wide circle. The bigger moisture problem, though, is the fine mist going everywhere, not being confined by a wall, curtain or a door. Especially in a small bathroom, you can end up with a kind of dank, sticky space if you don’t have a good way to dry it out quickly. So good ventilation is key, and I think a heat lamp is called for in most climates. Air conditioning will dry it out quickly in the warm months. I often use these open showers in hotels, where there is daily (or twice daily) housecleaning. At home, I need a more limited space to clean, day to day. So my compromise in my master bath — remodeled years ago — was a doorless shower enclosed on 3.5 sides. It keeps the moisture contained, without having to deal with a door or curtain. My plan is to remodel that bathroom (in a couple years) with a curbless shower, for “aging in place” reasons. But when I do that I am going to put in a curtain mounted on a ceiling track, both for keeping the heat in and containing the mist. I think you will find different takes on this question, depending on who does the bathroom cleaning!

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Rio Brewster

What I don't get are the decor items in some of these showers. Numbers 33 and 35. What are these vases for?

All the plants in the shower at least benefit from the moisture but unless they are hydroponic... just ew. Potting soil clogging the drain?

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