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Fantastic memories of a great master and a very human friendship

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nancy whitehead

Linda I think the reason i have such opposition to mixing Architectural Periods with Interiors and furnishings like the home featured above is that both myself and FLW both felt strongly that the Architecture and Interior Design should mirror themselves. This is the core belief of FLW which is why he designed all his interiors and furnishings to go with one another and it is one of the hallmarks of his great design . He left all these great architectural masterpieces plus interiors and furnishings as a physical lesson on how all homes should be designed and furnished down to the lst detail. This was one of our core beliefs despite his designs being very futuristic in design and detail whereas mine are clearly Georgian Period but the interiors and furnishings are appropriate for traditional architecture and interior design. To this day most homes on the market are lacking the Period Architectural Design they should have which is why before I move in i do detailed drawings for all these details plus all the flooring especially if stenciling is to be done before i even move into the home. You can decorate it later and I highly recommend that you live in a house for a while and let the house speak with you. In time you will get the flow of the home and begin to understand what it says to you and what it needs in terms of decoration and family needs especially older homes.....That is truly the best advice I can give to anyone..To important structural changes before moving in then live in the house a while get to know it well then decorate it as the budget allows You can always move your family into executive housing for a few weeks or days if needed but do not rush to have the perfect home instantly get to know it first....Frank taught me well.....His big thing was the design of the home should fit well and be a part of the landscape of the house then it all had to be of the same period inside and out Notice his designing the house and making the original tree leff inside to be part of the home?? Pure FLW he had a tremendous respect for the land and felt it was the Architecture that should do any compromising with its design.. Hence the tree was left and the home designed around it....Pure Frank...You could just absorb his great knowledge just by being around him.....and he taught by examle...

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Must read the novel about FLW, "Loving Frank"
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