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Seconding the comment on oak wilt mis-information; There is some really bad advise here. The advise on pruning could actually increase the spread of the disease. Beatles are attracted to the fresh sap from pruning and end up spreading the wilt to new trees or to your tree that you just pruned after reading this article. Reputable Arborists in the my area will no longer trim oak trees during the growing season. I appreciate the broad summary view on diseases that have impact trees but care should be taken to get the facts right. Here are some other sources to consider:

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Falon Land Studio LLC

Thank you for clarifying the information about touching tree canopies in the spread of Oak Wilt. As the linked URL discusses-- you are totally right that pruning correctly is very important. I didn't mean to mislead anyone. And to make it more clear, I will ask my editor to revise that section. Thank you so much for commenting and providing more sources of information.

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Basic Landscape

There are some relatively new classes of trunk injected systemic insecticides and fungicides and antibiotics, that can be used to manage borer infestations (including Emerald Ash Borer) and fungal diseases like Dutch Elm Disease, Anthracnose, and in some cases, Oak Wilt, if used correctly and in a timely manor.

The advise to contact an ISA certified arborist is a great place to start as these can be extremely complex problems that may have more than one 'right' answer. Be sure to shop for someone that specializes in your problem - Just as in medicine, there are 'cutters' who will just focus on pruning and removal, and there are plant health care (PHC) specialists that will act as advocates for your landscape plants, make treatment recommendations and know what species, varieties or hybrids have better natural resistance or immunity should replacement be required.


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