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melissafcohen....."HELP! I'm drowning in paperwork!!"....yeah, been there, and still fighting the battle, so I hear you loud and clear !! Couple of possible solutions for you.....In December of each year, I buy a calendar ( 11" x 14" ) that goes discreetly on side of my fridge.....I use colored fine tip markers for certain things.....Red is for Medical / Drs. appts......Green is for "Go" ( important stuff like a wedding, shower, birthday party, etc. )......Aqua blue is for "Fun" things I MAY want to go to ( free band concert, special sale somewhere, etc. )......Purple is for "Pay this NOW!" ( like house taxes, or ins. or car reg. or license renewal ).............I check the calendar each morning when I wake up while coffee is brewing on counter next to fridge....I know what is up for that day...( sometimes check it the night before, too! ).............................Next, I put a paper clip to bottom left corner of EACH calendar page.....if I have a wedding planned, I put the card on that month, so I have address of where it's being held....same with tax bills for house, or medical appts ( that way you have the phone number handy if need to cancel or reschedule.........I have found this to be the easiest for ME.....perhaps you could use it also, or a variation of this....

About those recipes....LOL.....what has FINALLY worked for me is a 3-ring binder, with dividers marked with same categories as a cookbook ( poultry, fish, breads, etc.) and plastic sleeves ( page protectors ).................if I find a recipe in a magazine I cut out the page, or print it out if I see it online........then I MAKE the dish THAT WEEK.....IF we really like it, and want to have it again, then it's a "keeper" and I put that page into my binder.....if it was just a "so-so" recipe, I throw it away sense in keeping something people aren't crazy about, right? And there are sooooo many recipes online, all you have to do is "Google" an ingredient and a gadzillion choices pop up....NO PAPERWORK !! LOL...

I also have a 3-ring binder for "Remodeling Ideas", with dividers for each room, and I place any pictures with great ideas in plastic sleeves ( like my cookbook )'s my "dream" book...LOL....but I HAVE implamented many ideas from it already!!

And lastly, file folders should become your very best friend !! Buy a box this week !! You can label one "Recipes" for those stray pages you've cut out of magazines but haven't tried yet.....label one "Articles" for those special things you want to remember....label one "Crafts" for those cute projects you want to do when there's time..................and something I PERSONALLY did which helped me tremendously, was take 4 or 5 file folders and put a sticky-pad on each with the FRIDAY date of the month on it ( I used to get paid on Fridays ).....every bill went into a folder according to the Friday it was going to get paid...I set aside a half hour each Friday to sit down and write checks for the bills in that particular folder....just keep rotating the file folders and put new sticky-pads on them....this MAY be an option for you to try....

Remember, the "mess" of papers didn't happen the organization of them won't,'s an on-going project....but once you find something that works for'll love how much simpler your life will become!! Good luck !!

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Toronto Designers

If there is no where else to keep an office, I guess it's a good place. I prefer to see a clean kitchen that is for cooking, eating and being with family - leave the office/electronics, out of the kitchen, which to me is the new 'living' room anyway.

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Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Becky - Thank you so much for featuring our Dura Supreme Cabinetry Kitchen Desk! Here are a few more ideas if anyone is interested... Mandi @ Dura

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