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Moscow's in Central Russia, far from the steppes. It's north of the fertile black earth zone of the south, too. I have alkaline clay --- in fact, when you dig deep, the clay is so clay-ey that we stuck it in the bonfire and got something that holds water.

However, the veronicastrum is in my Maine garden. I plan to make the gardens more lush in Maine, but I have to contend with a lot of shade and tree roots. I have a copper beech, which is probably hundreds of years old and one of the biggest in the area, but my yard isn't big. I also have a butternut, with a trunk that is easily 5 feet in diameter.
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Benjamin – thank you so much for all your articles. I moved into my house last fall which has big
back yard, at the end of my yard its wood
which I would like to enlarge.
I’m planning to plant lots of native plants to draw in the right birds
and insects into my yard and to help my neighbor who keep bees. I have been doing research on native plants and
your articles help so much. It’s going
to be great fun, send any suggestion I live in Zone 5, St. Louis MO.

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Benjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens

Johna -- We live in the same zone, and our ecoregions share many of the same plants. Maybe an online consult would be of interest to you?

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