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Adlite Creations

The best way to de-clutter is to use your walls. There's so much you can do to get stuff up off the floor, countertops, etc., by putting up shelves or wall decor pieces that help you get organized. Having a place for everything and everything in its place helps a lot :-) You can even get stuff out of your cabinets like coffee mugs or wine bottles and use them as Decor Pieces

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STOR-X Organizing Systems, Kelowna

Great point Adlite Creations! When increasing square footage isn't an option, the only way to go is up and using your wall space adds not only functional storage but a stylish way to show off your books, housewares and collectibles that are meaningful to you.

West Kelowna Movie Room · More Info

Mid-Century Modern Built-In · More Info

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Deadly word quiz:

What is the deadliest of all words as it pertains to clutter?

Answer: Later. I will put it away later, open and pay it later, move it later, take it to donation later, sell it later return the thing I bought and didn't need later etc.

What is the second deadliest?

Answer: Now. I need it now, want it now, must buy it now, it may never again be on sale, but it is now, I may never find it again, and who knows what other reasons you may apply to the NOW word....they seem pretty unlimited.

The fix to clutter/ getting organized?

ANSWER: Both words. Do it now, and stop buying and saving more of )

Bet that made your day, huh? For 85% of folks, that is the how , why and fix.

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