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Rosemary Hart

Gregmedina is right! "Check to see that whatever art/object you are displaying will not be damaged by UV rays from natural light. I've hung prints that I really valued in naturally-lit spaces and a year later they were bleached-out shades of blue and orange."

Since my best paintings stay on show for 20 years or more, I'm very careful to use light-fast materials and hang original artwork out of the sun. So why don't these writers remind us of this? Artists know about it, and Gregmedina learnt the hard way, but the Houzz writers can't expect every Houzz person to know!

I have a very sunny house. On walls that catch the sun I hang smaller frames, with artistic greetings cards - whatever catches my eye - because they cost me a maximum of about £2 each and only stay framed for a couple of years.

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Great article!

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Tsippi S.

This is the best article I've found on options for hanging art. I can't believe Lonny or one of the big magazines hasn't picked you up full time!

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