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I found my freestanding tub is much easier to get in and out of then my old, built in deck tub. I purposely found and bought a freestanding tub that was not so long that I slide down in it. That being said, I very rarely take a bath, but had the space, even after enlarging my shower, so decided for resale purposes to put one in. Our contractor told us that about 90% of the masterbath tubs they replace are hardly/never used.

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lindybelle: I did exactly the same - downsized, removed tub in MBA, installed shower with a hand held shower that can be moved up and down on a rod, and have showered happily ever after.

docmaker26: I remember the time my brother-in-law, then healthy, agile, and 60, fell kerplunk in the tub in my guest bathroom. Frightening. I heard the thud. He was not hurt, but his tumble convinced me to spend the money and remodel my MBA with a full size shower.

Mighty glad I got rid of that MBA tub and stationary shower head, because the next year i had chemo and was too ill and unsteady to deal with showering in a tub. I put a portable shower chair in that big new shower, lowered my shower head holder on its rod, and it worked perfectly.

This summer, I installed a magnetic shower head in the guest bath tub area. The shower head just pulls off the piece affixed to the wall, and snaps back in place. No problem of trying to get it to fit into that little hook clip thing and losing your balance.

Plan and remodel for what is ahead as well as what is useful now.

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Hello Gillian, We are a healthy couple in our 60's who have been considering how to make the main bathroom in our 1899 farmhouse aging-in-place. We must work with the existing footprint, and we have considered various floor plans, but we would really appreciate having an expert look at our dimensions, and current placement of plumbing, and offer us suggestions. Is that something that you could please help us with?

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