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Definately rwalton5!!

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When we went to buy our family room sofa's the first thing I did was lie down on the display to check out the comfort. The second thing I did was pick up my broken glasses because I had rolled on them in the testing process. Bought the slightly ugly but most comfortable one anyway.

The sofa is long enough to sleep on comfortably but I have to put the throw cushions under my shoulders to raise my head enough not to get a crick in my neck.

(PS Don't know who these angelic kids grand-kids are. Ours have grown a bit and now run the roost.)

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At our house, when we say we're going to "green couch" it for a while, that means a wonderful, refreshing nap on our rolled arm couch. It draws you in, no matter how wide awake you are. You are guaranteed to fall asleep.

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