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My daughter took over the upstairs. One bedroom for them, one bedroom an office for her partner, one bedroom for their baby born whilst they were living with us waiting for their house to be built.

Only drawback - the 'office' room is still full of their junk that they don't want cluttering up their new house.

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Melwood Cabanas and Garden Rooms

A lot of our clients choose our Melwood Cabanas as a solution to the problems listed above.

Whether you use it for storage, or for 'kidult space', a backyard cabana is the easy, fast, cost-effective and top-quality solution that just might solve all of your problems ;)

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I know it sounds weird, but I'm happy our house is too small to "give space" over to my adult kids. One moved out, and the other happily shares the house with her three much younger siblings and us!
Both took/take care of their own rooms, keeping them clean and tidy, doing assigned housework if and when needed, and have friends over regularly. We all just have to get along, and it has taught us all to be fair, make compromises, communicate really well, and be responsible/accountable.
Not blowing my own whistle but my adult children are just fantastic!!!
P.s. I have sadness surrounding their plans to move out, but happy knowing they can cook clean and care for themselves.
Plus I have butler pantry plans for my daughters room once she leaves!!! Mwah ha ha ha ha!!! (Evil chuckle..)
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