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Laura Heller
It's nice to hear that this topic is well received. I'm looking forward to writing about all these fun, useful and often unattractive things. It's great to have a beautiful home and even better when it suits our modern needs.
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I agree with louzucaro above, generic TV design often conflicts with home decor. Here's a solution which offers a compromise:
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Residential Systems, Inc.

A great story Laura! As a home technology integrator for all of the major brands like Control4, Savant, Sonos, Sonance, Lutron and Sony, we see how challenging it is for homeowners to fully comprehend all of the benefits of home technology. The options are truly endless, so making the right decision can feel a little overwhelming.

Because of this, we created a "Getting Started Checklist" that walks homeowners through the basics of home technology and helps them hone in on what they want/need and what will work best with their lifestyle.

Laura, anytime you have a story on home tech, please give us a shout. We would be happy to provide a quote or info about how to make these systems work for your readers.

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