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I agree, Kathi. I'm building a closet in mine for most of the coats, boots, shoes, etc. Then the cubbies will be just for a couple coats and shoes that a person uses most often. My ceiling is 10', so in the closet I can fit 2 layers of coats and several rows of shoes & boots below. Your sliding door idea is great for a long wall. Mine is more divided up so with a shorter closet I think the doors will just get in the way and am planning to use a curtain.

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Amy Francis

I have many home organizing challenges but I’ll mention one. I have a living room/dining area combo. My kids constantly (I am guilty too!) leaving their belongings on the table (where we eat). My oldest has a tiny room and lacks storage. My youngest has her bedroom upstairs and has a hard time putting things away. Not having a defined place to store kid’s stuff is a challenge.

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My biggest organizing challenge? Easy: my husband!


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