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Josh Wynne Construction

This is a good start, but it really is the tip of the iceberg.

A few words of wisdom:

1) Don't cut corners on hiring your professionals, unless you are okay hiring professionals who cut corners.

2) Be sure your builder has worked with your design professionals before. That includes your architect and your interior designer. If they have not worked together, you must at least be sure they are all on the same page PRIOR to start of design. If not, you can expect a lot of finger pointing and only a little progress throughout build.

3) Engage your contractor in pre-construction services. Ask him/her to work with your design team, during design, to be sure the plans are developing in the realm of reality, where cost and construction limits are concerned. Ask for benchmark cost estimates as the plan develops to be certain the cost is not running away from you. Be prepared to pay for these services. They will save you time and money in the long run.

4) KEEP AN OPEN MIND. It's great to have a vision. We appreciate that. Just remember that we do this for a living. How you think it should be done, and how it's actually done are not always the same. Would you tell your surgeon how to do your bi-pass?

5) Communicate honestly. If you can't be clear about what you want, we can't be clear on what it costs or how long it will take.

Building can be a joy. It can also be a nightmare. Hire good people. Make sure they are all on the same process. Ride the wave, keep your eyes and ears open, and you can enjoy the process as much as the product.

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Cutting Edge Innovative

Lots of great points in the article.

For us it’s imperative to discuss client’s ideas, plans,
budget and expectations from the beginning so that they understand all the
timing and cost implications, so we often find ourselves educating people. It certainly leads to a smooth process and
ultimately a happy customer. Being
knowledgeable and straight forward makes a huge difference!

Finding a trustworthy and experienced professional is not
only important but key in the process so we are always welcoming those
conversations for clients to feel comfortable. Ultimately they can make the right decisions
and not end up in those Houzz Dilemma horror stories of frustrated homeowners because
the handyman messed up the plumbing or is clueless about solving a problem, confused
people seeking advise and help because he is not sure of what direction the
tiles should go etc..

Make sure to find a PRO with proven experience who understands your plans and gives you realistic answers. Those are the ones who will finish an amazing job!

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M & D Builders

you can just ask your family or friends for a referral or you can just go online and try to find a reputable contractor with positive reviews and invite few of them for quote and based on the price, experience, previous work and how do you feel, you can choose the best fit to your project

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