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Holliday Masonry

qofmiwok, I have a client inquiry concerning pedestal set porcelain tile. I'm concerned with traction which I assume can be taken care of with a gritty surface (but would collect dirt more readily), but more so of flexural strength. If they choose an 18"x12" tile, or larger format, I'm wondering if I'll need midspan support, and not just the four corners approach. Ideas?

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I'm not too familiar with those, but they seem designed to be supported just by the four corners. It's probably their thickness that makes them so strong, but maybe also some special porcelain mixture.

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Penelope Smith

I want to renovate my guest bathroom this upcoming summer. I haven't finished picking out all of the materials yet and I am really struggling with the flooring. Thanks for pointing out that not all ceramic and porcelain tiles are expensive. It would be great to have porcelain tiles in my bathroom.

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