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Kathleen Marineau

For me, this list is at least a month early. Back to school is August 24, but summer weather has continued into October for the last 5 years. Last year our best tomato harvesting was the week of Halloween.

I'm gearing up for canning season, especially tomatoes. The California harvest is down a bunch, as much as 70% compared to 2019 according to some reports I've read. These are mostly sold as canned tomatoes, ketchup, salsa, all types of sauces, paste, etc.

Prepping for canning season includes washing kettles and jars, clearing counter space and in this year of severe lid shortages, hoping I have enough.

We have already cleaned the cool basement storage area, making room for potatoes, squash, yams, drying beans and onions. Then there is the local apple harvest in September. To take advantage of seasonally low prices, we need to store a couple of bushels worth of apples.

Indoor spaces wait til harvest season is done, November perhaps.

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Lisa M. Rogers

Got the gutters cleaned, the garage cleared out and the yard aerated in July. Hopefully, I can get the yard top dressed in August. Also, the new double wall oven will be installed this week. Been waiting on a part since last December for the upper oven, and the lower oven stopped heating as well. Finally gave up and ordered a new one.

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Clean basement, finish exterior home repairs including driveway, swap out plants in window boxes, trim down “spent” plants in garden, as long as they don’t have seed pods that feed birds, take notes of plants I’d like to add (especially drought resistant and pollinators), rearrange or split to do in cooler weather (fall or spring)to be ready for next August.


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