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No matter what, the first place to start is to pare down to what you really use and really enjoy. Having stuff stored that you never take out can keep you from the best use of all the rest!

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Carol Rafferty

I agree with Icjinroslynpa. I have no problem with paring down. I keep my closet neat & tidy from the get go. I collect what I don't want. Once I have enough I give it to the Viet Nam vets. There are so many ways to turn an average closet into a real piece of art. There are plenty of separating things out there. I like what is in my closet to be hidden behind doors. To me, if it's oppose it's unsightly. I have my own ideas, that will most likely cost under $100 or maybe a little more. I can get it done much cheaper & be as happy as a pig in mud!!

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