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Serena, I've been in homes where I wouldn't eat what they brought me, not that the home is dirty but I've seen how careless they are when they cook. That being said, I wouldn't be snobbish about not eating it. Whether or not I enjoy eating it is beside the point. That's a case where the thought really does count. They don't need to see you turn your nose up at it. Several years ago, my husband was in the hospital for a month and a half with a very serious illness that almost took him. We had wonderful neighbors who organized to bring us food for much of that time early on while he was in ICU. When I told the neighbor who was organizing it that it was just too much and I was sure others could benefit from some of the food. (I didn't mention that some of it was just hard to eat.) She said, "Just throw away what you can't eat. So many people want to do something and this is all they can think of."

Wrong or right, to many of us, food equals love, and it should be accepted in the same spirit it is given.

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Serena DuGrois
Or one could have their hubby take it to work to share with coworkers or even pass some to the gardener as a "Thank You"

Any secondary exchange is fine but throwing away homemade food doesn't sit well with me. I simply don't understand it lol
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Louise McCarthy

I am brand new. I would adore any welcome anything.

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