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I could live in my garden!!! If I don't have a plant I'm attracted to I will eventually own it
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Benjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens

ej2000 -- I agree, room for both native and exotic in wild gardens, even if I'd prefer to see 100% native (especially in my neck of the woods where we've eradicated 99% of the tallgrass prairie and yet the wildlife is still here). But here's a study showing that insect diversity decreases in gardens with exotics, even if those exotics are closely related to natives.

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Shelley Hayes

Wonderful -thank you. Before I moved to the Hill Country I thought fire ants were a worthless and painful nuisance. Now, we only remove fire ants next to the patio. The rest are hard at work - killing ticks and chiggers. No Lyme disease here! Turns out you can gauge the soil dryness by when the fire ants go underground vs build their mounds. I have also learned that all the various wasps here are pretty friendly. We have a fountain here and leave the wildflowers cut high to provide nice stem homes. The butterflies are beautiful - no monarchs but queens instead and magnificent huge swallowtails. Native (or as close as we can get) is indeed best.

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