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I know this is a nitpick thing, but my eye tends to go right to the transition between the bottom of the island and the flooring material. It bothers me when there is no relationship between the materials, and when the break is too abrupt. Of the featured kitchens, I think only the one marked “Multiform” on the photo achieves this smooth transition gracefully. It has to do with the clean, pure form of the island, the texture of its wood mirroring the grain of the pickled floor boards, the milky-gray color of the floor having an undertone of that same warm-black. The grain of both cabinet and floor is all running in the same direction and is the same size. The recessed kickspace disappears as a shadow line. Beautiful and serene.

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Angie Curtis
Harvey rebuild with black lowers.
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Rebecca Abraham Design

Ah yes, more black and white, black and white, black and white.

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