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Rosemary Hart

Hi Karen,

I know exactly where you are coming from, especially about re-reading books! And I thought I'd joined the conversation here several years too late, so I'm very glad it's not so!

I notice what you said about flipping, or rather slow-loading, on kindles! I thought they weren't all they're cracked up to be!

Somewhere in the house I have the manuscript of the one book I did finish. Being written before the days of computers, it would be hard work to get it on line. If you were in my physical space, I'd lend it to you. Since the magazine is a specialist publication, it's subscription-only. I save all my copies in one of the bookcases!

Re my Philistine friend. You are right about the right book! No such thing as the wrong book if you love it! Perhaps I should just feel sorry for her.

I think what I said in the missing post was:

1. She didn't spot the beautifully illustrated reference books for browsing, not reading cover-to-cover. That means you can enjoy a lot more books.

2. The car-boot sale books end up in places where there were no books before, so every space is transformed - made more homely and interesting.

3. Browsing the shelves results in delightful discoveries of fascinating books I didn't know I owned - big smile every time!

4. If you are short of books, you may not be in the right mood for those you have. If you make your choice from so many, it's bound to be perfect, and special because you chose it from so many.

5. The books influence my thoughts for the better even when I have no time to read. As I think I said said before, they spell out “treasure!”

6. Most of all, with warmth and a huge smile, doesn't she think it's a truly *wonderful*
thing to own a library? Its a privilege of which I can never tire... (I know she doesn't get it...) I'll tell her Heaven forbid that I ever have my thoughts weighted with stones like hers! She better not start on my books again, or she'll get a longer answer than she expected!

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Rosemary Hart

Hi Karen, thanks for
the “Like”,

I had more to say
about the joys of re-reading a book, but this evil computer has just
lost it in such a massive tantrum that I cannot imagine why anyone
should want to entrust the joys of reading to something that can be
so temperamental!

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Rosemary Hart

Something for all supporters of e-books to consider...

Here are a few reasons why paper books are better: (scientific findings,
not opinion,)

  1. Readers who use paper books have an easier time remembering the content than tablet readers. Traditional books provide a sense of progress as readers flip through the pages,along with greater immersion (i.e. you can’t click away from your book), which is key to absorbing information.
    1. Light from e-readers interferes with sleeping patterns, while paper books
      actually help you sleep better.
    1. Using electronic devices such as e-readers is linked to higher stress and depression levels. Traditional books, on the other hand, help reduce stress.

There are... long-term effects from reading books. Reading keeps
your mind alert
and delays cognitive decline in elders. Research
even found that Alzheimer’s is 2.5 times less likely to appear in
elderly people who read regularly, while TV was presented as a risk

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