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Patty Marsh
Ahhh, Airstreams! In reading the comments, I had to add my experience and dismiss some of the thoughts expressed here.

vee22 ~ claustrophobic? NO not at all. However I thought that before we got ours, a 1967, 18’ Airstream Caravel. I am claustrophobic, and yet I’ve never felt claustrophobic in ours.. The only problem is that when I camp I want to completely Glamp, so I bring far too much stuff, and although there is a lot of storage space, I needed more. So, we bought an 1966 26 ft Overlander. There’s plenty of room in there.

lima ~ As for pulling the Caravel; we’ve been from California to Florida twice, pulling it with a 1996 6 cylinder Toyota 4 Runner, with no problems. In fact, I’m the driver, a 63 year old woman, and I have to often remind myself that I’m pulling a trailer, as you don’t feel it.

imissliberty ~ Airstreams are considerably lighter than other trailers. When renovating you pay attention to that and design accordingly. However I believe that most of these in this article, are stationary and thus not an issue.

lanee1123 ~ You can find the Vintage that have been gutted or need to be gutted for any where from $1,000 up. For our beautifully kept Vintage, which only needed three minor fixes, we paid $7,500, in CA. A steal, we believe. They are out there, you just have to look. You can also look on Air Forums Classified, Craigs list, Amazon and ebay. I suggest if you see one that’s been sitting for a while, just stop and ask. You never know till you ask.

hdyer ~ What a lot of people don’t know is that you can order your New Airstream from Ohio, pretty much the way you want it. If you aren’t handy and don’t want to hassle with it you can take your gutted trailer back there and they will redo it for you. I don’t know the cost, but you could probably find someone who could do it for less. Also, there are a lot of pod casts out there that are wonderful. One that we have listened to is as well having the book Restoring a Dream by Tim Shephard. But my favorite is Classic Rides Airstream restoration, by Kevin Tetz. ttp://
I like this on as they show you how to do it step by step. Love that.

halleycomet ~ Perhaps in other RV’s but our Airstreams are amazing. We have a full bathroom, lots of cupboards and closets and room for the two of us, my husband is 76, I’m 63 and we have a border collie who is 75 lbs. Surprisingly we have a lot of room.

Before we got the Caravel, I wanted a big trailer with the slide outs and all the bells and whistles. Now I would never have anything but an Airstream. Besides, they retain their value, which is something that no other trailer does.

If you are still unsure, there are places in the US that have Airstreams that you can rent to take on the road, or there are RV parks that have stationary Airstreams that you can rent for the night, or the week. One in Buellton, CA is Flying Flags RV Resort and Campgrounds, I highly recommend it. We were only going to stay for two days and we ended up staying three. We would have stayed longer but they had a full house.

Don’t judge it until you’ve tried it. I’m living proof that doesn’t work. I would never have anything but an Airstream, which is 180 from what I use to think.

It's amazing how much there is out there on restoring Airstreams. For me, It's like being in a candy store. I hope this helps.

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I'm blown away by the creativity and style of some of these makeovers. I have always wanted an airstream trailer. This article makes that longing worse.
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Many years ago we owned a 25' 1978 Airstream. When we had to sell it due to financial needs, I knew we would one day own another Airstream. We had put a lot of work into it and sold it for more than we paid for it. (By the way, it sold in one day!) We bought a 1997 34' Airstream in 2009. We have it parked at a campground near a river about 45 minutes from our home, and now that we are both retired we spend a lot of time there during the warm months. After owning one Airstream, we knew we would never be happy in anything else again. The workmanship and storage capability is awesome. These units are meant to roll, and are built to withstand the trip. Now we are finally living our dream! We call it the tree house we never had as kids.
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