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I enjoyed this article. We're designing a passive solar home but will still need to incorporate some HVAC for extremes. As I have been researching, it seems that placing the ductwork within a conditioned space is more energy efficient than having it run through an attic area. (This allows us to get rid of useless unconditioned attic space at the same time. I'm not a fan of storing things in an attic.) Trying to decide rather to leave exposed open roof trusses or just exposed ductwork. This article has some nice examples of both. Thank you!
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Sheila Somerville
Here is an update: We do love it. It is a bit noisy but we don't have insulation above the ceilings yet so that may change the sound.
The ceiling fans seem to bring the heat down as well. We have yet to try the air conditioning though.
And a side note and one we never thought about...there are no vents to dry wet mittens or upturned boots which I do kind of miss.
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Felicia Quinzi

I wonder how you would keep it clean.

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