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I recently read, I think in Consumer Reports, that vinegar can degrade gaskets if used frequently and should be avoided in laundry usage. Anyone know if that’s true? Thanks.

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Hicks Heating & Air

Well, perhaps if you used it straight and left it on, but I've been using it in my softener dispenser for over twenty years with no problems. When you add it like softener, to your rinse, it becomes quites diluted, so although it does help remove any soap residue, I just doubt it's TOO strong. Bleach is MUCH more likely to degrade rubber for sure, and we don't hesitate to use it on our whites.

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Nancy Armstrong Sloop

I have to agree with @Hicks Heating & Air. I've used vinegar in my laundry for more than 20 years too, and when I started I didn't have a softener dispenser, I had to add it when the rinse cycle started. It was nice finally having a dispenser! My towels are always nice and fluffy, and I don't have soap build-up on any of the clothes. I've heard bad things about dryer sheets and regular softener "gumming up" the works. All I know is I like the way my laundry is when I use vinegar as the softener, and it's not really that much a load: roughly 1/2 cup for a large load.


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