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mandcsmamadee, you can get the bunny drainer at Put "bunny drainer" in the search box. Good luck! And I'm in the same boat as dvd94, of a sort. We downsized from a large home with 26 years of stuff to a smaller, newer, more manageable one. Moving definitely helps because it forces you to choose between what you truly can't live without, and what has been weighing you down over the years. LOVE our smaller home. As for the list, we don't have pets (allergies) or children so that eliminates a lot of time-sucking clean up. I don't iron anything except cloth dinner napkins once a year. If you get them out of the dryer right away, you can fold while warm and they are pressed. We only buy no-iron shirts for the hubs. We do pay a yard service for our tiny yard - worth every penny. Now that we have a smaller house it's a lot more obvious that stuff on surfaces makes it look cluttered. So I take 10 minutes at the end of the day to put things away and can start fresh (breathe free!) when I wake up each morning. And hard surface floors are the bomb over having to deep vac wall-to-wall carpet. Won't have carpet again, only wood, tile and a few area rugs. At 64 I want to spend my time doing things I love - not cleaning like crazy. And I have 2 sets of sheets w/top sheet. Each week one goes on the bed while the other is in the laundry. I wash the duvet much less frequently. I just pull the top sheet up and tuck (not perfectly) b/c it is covered by my duvet! so it takes about 30 seconds to tidy the sheet. Takes me 6 minutes to make the bed, including the bedspread, and throw pillows. I LOVE how it feels to have a made bed. And if I don't have time on occasion, I shut the bedroom door. That is ALWAYS allowed! It's okay to strive for excellence. Perfection is highly overrated. #10 is the best alternative ever - at least for us!

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Unfortunately the bunny drainer is no longer available, but thanks for trying.

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Oh no. Our master bed is a war zone for blankets. The Large dog who Must sleep with us part of the night Unless he is sleeping with the kids absolutely must be covered up, so he gets half a blanket, until he gets too warm. Then he kicks it off, in the process uncovering one of us next to him.

I get blankets too. Untill i get hot. Then I only want a sheet; after all, i am sandwiched between two mammalian heaters. They move away from me: I get cold and attack snuggle my husband and Probably ( he says absolutely) steals his blankets.

My husband gets cold. He reaches for HIS special, dedicated set of blankets. He is warm. The dog finds out, slips past me like a heat-sinking furry eel, and stars the process of stealing my husbands blankets.

Game on!
So no, i dont think the duvet thing will work for me, but i do have a robot vac and i do airdry dishes.

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