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@noahlucky: I've been told the rule of thirds is pull handles look best if they are 1/3rd the width of the drawer.. So a 33" would be 11" handle. The 18" drawer would be 6" handle or you can go 5.5" if you want. There is some wiggle room if you need it.

Some folks prefer using two handles on a wide drawer. So 5-6" (2 of them) would work for a 33". Take the thirds, then divide that by half - give or take. Fractions can be rounded out. In this case, it would be subjective - your preferences.

Knobs even square ones, are a bit different but similar. Under 18" width - one knob is OK. Over you'll want two in order to pull a larger width drawer evenly but you might want a larger knob, too. :)

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Ok so if I do a 9 inch would you center them? Or do towards the middle

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@noahlucky: Off centered would pull the drawer unevenly. If you are concerned about the look - cut paper or cardboard the size(s) of the handle(s) you are wanting. Then take two sided tape and put it up where you want it to be. Then live with it for a few days to see if you like it centered or off centered.

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