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Dana Veach
Good advice, Charmean. I border on being a synesthete, and I cannot design without considering how a space will impact the senses since I can sometimes experience sensory overload. But color and texture are literally delicious to me, and taste and smell "feel" and have dimension. It is frequently a strange world, I suppose, but I daily marvel at the wonder and beauty of it all!
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I have a great book written in 1996 called "Creating a SenseSational Home" by Terry Willits which is wonderful and addresses the five senses. I don't know if you could find the book but the name of her company is SenseSational Homes, Inc. in Marietta, GA. I think I got my book through Southern Living. Worth a try.
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I love your point that it doesn't have to cost more to incorporate all the senses in decorating - just being aware of existing elements & placing certain items can make a difference!
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