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@ronnie1950 and others with land pro problems. That's why it pays to do your own research. If a landscaper recommends to me 20 plants, the first thing I do is research out the needs of those 20 plants. I learn what types of soil they need, water requirements, maturity size, how to propagate, diseases, self sustaining or require fertilizer (what type and how much), native, naturalized or invasive. Get a soil sample tested to know what the base is. Will you have to attempt to change your natural soil to something else? Too much $$ - then work with natives who do like your natural soil.

I don't mind using a pro, but I still do research into any and all designs & suggestion. And if you no longer want to do the physical labor or cannot, then that's ok. Get a good outdoor person who likes to garden to help do your planting for you.

As for design. with my approximate 1/3rd acre pond, yeah, I changed up the design a zillion times. Why? I knew the land very well, I knew how it drained and the water direction, what happens when we get very heavy rains, what drought does. The basic design was good and I will be able to retain much water rather than flooding out a neighbor or pushing all that water through a lousy county ditch system. At the same time, they also proposed a "rain garden" and run underground pipes to keep it level with overflow of the main pond. Say what? Well, that turned out to be a folly since all it would do would drain into our private drive. Not so good. So, yeah, it pays to check the pros. Just because a pro recommends something doesn't mean you have to accept it. Some of it, I do, some of it I don't.

And that includes pros for interior design and architect design, too. I even do research on what my doctors tell me and most definite - the prescriptions they want to give me. And yes, I have turned a few of them down. LOL

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Webado Webada

Aaaah! It appears we have found our guy for landscaping. If all the stars and the ducks align properly, a month from now we'll have it all.

It sure helped that I had prepared a sketch drawn to scale of our lot with the details of what we have and what we want done and a lit of everything that needs to be done in point form.

Out of 4 landscapers we contacted only ONE covered all the points and also came in at a much lower price. We also happen to know him personally (he's been doing our snow removal for nearly 30 years). So fingers crossed that it will all work out just fine. He talks the talk so let's see if he can really do it. I hope he can.

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Land Stewards Ecological Landscape Design

Well done on this article! I think another thing the landowner should be aware of when searching for a Landscape Architect, Designer, or Contractor, would be about the impact the design and build will have on the land in the future. Will this impact the soil and water quality in a beneficial way?

Thank you again.

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