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Dee Cee

Privet is horribly, terribly invasive, at least in the Southeast. It self seeds, plus birds scatter the seeds in their droppings as well. I would not recommend this plant at all. It grows very fast and pops up everywhere. A major headache in my yard. And it is a menace to native plants in wild areas.

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When we were little, having to prune the barberry hedge was punishment. If you need that colour (note the Canadian spelling), consider much friendlier species like Purple Sand Cherry, or a miniature variety of Japanese Red Maple. Gardens should be enjoyable, not vicious!

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Well, we can only hope that very few people will actually read this article. Privet has taken over my entire yard and woods. In addition to english ivy. I live in East Tennessee. I can't imagine why nurseries would continue to sell these plants. Or garden writers continue to recommend them when there are literally thousands of plants that are better.

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