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Luckily there are only two of us in our house plus two cats. Currently we are living overseas and I am less vigilant about the clutter than I should be as I feel it's temporary. But back in the US I relegate my husband's clutter to the man cave on the third floor and the books to the third bedroom which is the library/guest room. The new stainless steel refrigerator does not take magnets and I hate that look anyway. I put a stainless steel bulletin board with Command strips on the side of the cabinet in which the refrigerator is enclosed. You can hardly notice it. I'm still in a tussle with my husband in our new kitchen over clutter as he likes everything at hand even things I know he'll really never get around to using. If he hasn't used it in a month I'll put it away and he won't notice. The bedroom is the last frontier for both of us as our bedside tables are disasters (in both countries). We need an article about bedrooms!

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Excellent suggestions and take action points. Thanks.
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Carol Rafferty

I am into tearing my whole living room a part, from top to bottom. I got new furniture, for a new elegant look. Now, I'm organizing a home office & once it looks the way I want it, the paint will come out. I will be splashing pictures here & there & putting out a few elegant angels & vases. Not stopping there, but I'm researching to go into more detail. I'm going to put out a touch of tiny lights, when I decide where to put them.

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