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Here in Toronto Canada I had a company design and build a catio for my 3 cats. They advised not to put food in them as this will attract wilder creatures (racoons for instance) who will attempt to get in. I am sure this would apply to other areas of North America with more dangerous creatures.

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Awesome! The place looks like a cat's Disneyland!

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juno77 - i was afraid of the same thing so i had my catio and enclosure re-enforced with 1/4" hardware cloth. so far all of the catios i've ever seen use hardware cloth, some with the 2" opening and for me that wouldn't work because i didn't want to expose myself or my cats to mosquitoes, so screen wire was used on the catio with the re-enforced hardware cloth top to bottom (the roof is solid with 2 skylights), and the big enclosure (they call it a pool cage in florida, except i don't have a pool) has pet screen wire with the hardware cloth re-enforcement from the bottom to 3 feet up. i've never had an issue with the raccoons.

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