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A very complete article, thank you for posting!

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I'm in the process of re-designing a Den... the rest of our house is an open floor plan that is light and airy. I have light gray/blue on the walls, medium tone wood flooring, and white built-ins in the great room. But the den is closed off with glass French doors, so. it has separation. I put in a darker tone cork floor, have an antique walnut desk, and will have built-in shelves/bookcase... any advice on the color of the built in bookcase? I love darker, cozy, craftsman style dens, so I was thinking of a darker stain/paint. And, what about ceiling light fixture? Does it have to be similar to the rest of the house, or can I go with a simple Tiffany style? Please Advise!!

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Webado Webada

My home office is a fairly good size spare bedroom. It has a window on one wall and a patio door on another wall going out to a great terrace on top of the garage.

The issue I have is that I have 3 old desks, one with a hutch, that make an L. They are mismatched but that's not the actual problem. The problem is that I have a lot of clutter everywhere. I vow to clean up after we do the tax returns, in April. It's been done before but it never stays neat for very long.

Of the 3 desks only one is any good for working on it. The others are too narrow, they were kids desks. Clutter piles up on them. ANd with clutter, dust!

The one I consider good is quite wide (or is it deep?) It's a 5' x 3' surface which allows me to have 2 monitors and keep the keyboard on it. I have always hated keyboard trays, I need to have my elbows and forearms on the desk not down below and not be too close to the monitors. This works for me.

The room has a small closet where I keep a filing cabinet. I have another such filing cabinet in the closets of another bedroom, and a spare one elsewhere LOL. AGain, after taxes I will see what I can do with them. The small closet in my office holds one filing cabinet and a portable AC unit (needed when it's very hot because the central AC somehow doesn't reach this room very well). So I cannot bring the 2nd filing cabinet into this closet, at least not until the AC comes out. That won't happen until summer is here when I can also move outside to the terrace a bunch of large hibiscus trees currently staying in my office and occupying an entire wall.

When I declutter and clean up this office I also plan to organize the wires and cables which are now somewhere behind all the desks, full of dust bunnies and god knows what else. Butoh I plan to clean this seriously. Maybe even paint the walls as they are pretty yellowed (yeah, I'm a smoker.... *sigh*...)

I love my office though. I was toying with the idea of getting rid of the current furnishings and get one of those beautiful L or even U-shaped units. But the actual desk surfaces are too narrow in those, can't keep my elbows on them. I don't know ... Let me see what happens after I clean up ...

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