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Jeana Lipps

Margo, you can try AutoSplitter to digitize these scrapbooks. It's been made for scanning of standalone photos but maybe it would work with the scrapbooks as well.

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Rick Hendricks
One technique I found effective is to digitize photos in successive "waves". Since the objective is to get the photos protected ASAP, what I did was first make a quick and dirty digital copy and then go back and make refined copies afterwards. The advantage is that you can get a rough copy of everything very fast - this presetves the essence of the memories before all the time-consuming organizing, prep and scanning.

First, just use your cell phone camera or tablet to photograph everything. Do albums without any prep, just as they are, photos attached to the album. Photograph a page at a time and then each photo on the page, separately - one at a time.

Once you do this, and assuming you are using a photo ap like google pictures, your photos will be on your device and automatically backed up to the cloud. You have now done the most historically critical step quickly and by yourself. And, the cost was essentially ZERO!

This step can be done without a lot of planning, time, cost or outside help. Procrastination won't be too much of an issue here.

After you have accomplished the fiest wave/step, you can follow a more comprehensive process, as in the excellent articles, to get an archival result.

The reassuring news is, no intervening disaster can completely wipe out your precious memories and family history before you do the more rigorous and time-consuming steps.

This insurance step is a must!
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HOPE organizing

If you use Rick's suggestion above, you might want to check to - basically an app that helps you scan photos with your phone. You can take a picture of a page and it will "pull" out the individual images.

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