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@happylemon: What you read is true in many countries in Europe. And it's not just cities either. When I lived in the Middle East for a couple years, I lived in a small town of less than 1000 people. I biked everywhere. So did most people. On a kibbutz, I walked everywhere since it was like a very small village. Everyone knew everyone else. There were a few vehicles that were used to get supplies in a nearby small town that was about 30 miles away.

When I lived in a big city in the USA, I walked and used public transport. I rented a garage for my car which I only used on trips. Now I'm in an area that is growing but still limited in people. I generally walk to my neighbors who are a bit over ¼ mile away, but do take my truck into town for supplies - 20 miles away. Sometimes I'll use my UV going to my neighbors' places but then we are generally working on a project, so it's full of tools and supplies for the project.

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Wow, that's impressive!

I have a genetic condition that causes severe pain and fatigue.

I lost my balance around the age of 30. I can't even ride a bicycle anymore.

Prior to that, I was very agile and I Irish-danced for 14 years, to the championship level. I traveled throughout the USA and abroad for competitions.

I've been to about fifteen countries, most of which were in Europe and I spent a semester in Italy, which was fabulous.

I'm in so much pain at the age of 45 that I'm unable to fly domestically.

The longest I can tolerate sitting in a car is 2 hours.

Fortunately, I do live in a highly populated area (which is a nightmare for some people), so I don't have to travel more than a couple of miles in order to run errands.

Well this comment took quite a turn from the topic of the article.😂

I applaud you for being so active and industrious!

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@happpylemon: Sounds like fibermyalgia. I have a dear friend who's had it for almost her entire adult life. Wasn't diagnosed until about 20 years ago. Recent treatments, food regimen and certain exercises has helped alleviate, but it never really goes away. She even takes acupuncture treatments.

Anyway, like her, it seems you still get around until recently. Keep searching for things that help you. My friend still gets around and she's in her late 60s. She's slower today, and she takes things in stride and keeps as active as possible. Some days are good, some aren't.

Where there is a will, hope and faith one never knows what the human being is capable of doing. Never give up.

P.S. You should have seen me with a broken ankle feeding livestock and using the tractor! LOL


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