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My husband built this pond so our 3 boys could have a 'window' into the lives of our was his passion project because a few pond/landscape people told him it couldn't be done.Afterwards they came over to take pics and marvel at his achievement.Sadly we lost him in a diving accident three years ago but we feel close to him whenever we sit by the pond.And our sons feel connected to him when they take care of it and its inhabitants

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Aniagreen73 what a beautiful job your husband did, I hope it brings you some peace. He was very creative and clever. I love the rays, I had a similar one made of glass but unfortunately the cat knocked it off the furniture shelf it was on
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The biggest problem with water features such as fish ponds and fountains is that they are added as an afterthought and not always constructed in a manner which has doubtful structural integrity.
Sometimes without proper waterproofing as well.
Burkes Backyard refurbished leaking pond

Repairing and waterproofing an old leaking garden pond.

The repair was made using Drizoro Maxplug– Stops water instantly and Drizoro Maxseal Flex as a waterproof coating.
The complete Method and materials can be found here for repairing and waterproofing an old leaking garden pond.

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