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We had three offers on the table the day we put our house on the market. A 1920’s Tudor with natural maple woodwork throughout, natural hardwood floors (maple and oak). The absolute worst color in that Home was Revere Pewter. Bleh. It looked so bad the realtor didn’t even include the pics of that room in the listing.

I had a small vestibule, and a small powder room. In the powder room we had WHITE woodwork (BM white dove) and white corian countertop, white Koehler toilet, white Koehler sink, and original 1920’s pinwheel design ?? black and white floor tile. I painted the walls BM Equestrian Gray and it looked FABULOUS.

In my vestibule, which was tiny, there was a lot of natural woodwork, the front door was natural wood, the closet door was wood framed mirrored, one painted wall, and another stained glass entry door to our foyer, and 1920’s tile with warm colors that coordinated with the woodwork. That area of the house had darker woodwork (a different wood) than the back half of the house, which was commonplace in 1920’s Homes, and I painted the wall space there the same BM equestrian gray. It looked different than the bathroom, but it still looked great with the natural woodwork and I personally love rich colors in smaller spaces. To me they add a pop of personality, and I think everyone should go bold in powder rooms anyway.

But Equestrian gray Works great especially if you can offset it with a lot of white. It’s a nice rich color with a slight green undertone that doesn’t go cold or charcoal-y in a small space.

Those are the only rooms I’ve used Gray in. In dreary Wisconsin winters I couldn’t imagine being surrounded by cold grays I need color in my life

My favorite color in the House was BM silken pine - we used it in our guest bedroom where we had natural maple woodwork and hardwood floors. It looked spectacular and fresh and airy.

And for those who want a nice white in a tradional home with natural woodwork- definitely try BM linen White. It’s nice and creamy and doesn’t look stark as a wall color.

BM linen white and white dove are great for traditional homes with natural woodwork There’s nothing worse than stark white painted woodwork in traditional homes I’ve walked out of homes like that when we were house hunting.

Pratt and Lambert has some beautiful paint colors as well.

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I have a library painted with Sherwin Williams urbane bronze. The wood work and ceiling and floors are Sherwin Williams Greek villa. After looking in that Room everyone says the same thing it's their favorite Room in my home. Amazing color combination

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dfmcminn, we sure do want to see pics of that library.


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