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Carol Rafferty

JK doesn't that feel so goooood!!!! Way to go girl. I have been downsizing, like crazy & cleaning as I go. What I do, because organizing an office the way I must: subject, then company, client, & date, I have to be able to find a document in 5 minutes. A bigga mess. So I am taking baby steps, going little by little. My one mistake was I would collect things I needed to put away & at the end of the day put it away. Going through something where extreme exhaustion hits with little warning & I have to stop immediately & go to bed. Due to constant nightmares I rather be working & busy instead of sleeping. Finally, I put my fallen brains back in & I had a brain storm. I'm going to collect like things, no more than a dozen, stop & file it, right then & there. It's working. My work keeps the paper coming in in droves. It's tough to keep up with, but so rewarding.

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LeAnn Walters

I'm bookmarking this page and getting on it first thing tomorrow. I am so sick of the clutter, the good stuff I can't part with BUT NEVER USE. I love the idea of donating to places that can use. That is something that I can feel good about. And do

nating the towels and old blankets to an animal shelter is the best idea EVER.

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Carol Rafferty

I love Houzz, because there are tons of inspirational ideas. Always remember that it's hard to get started, so baby steps. Sooner or later, we will turn that mountain into a molehill. We are in the middle of a Nor'eastern & we are getting the worse of it. It looks like a blanket of snow. We never hear sirens here, but there has been two sirens from fire trucks. Ut Oh!!

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