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tootsie - another aspect of traditional Euro design - maybe some day we (USA and western style countries copying us) will make a giant leap forward in the opposite direction of auto-development sprawl.

So expensive!

So healthy!


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@tootsie: I believe it all depends on your support system. There are many rural people and families who have no problems at all living outside cities and towns. We have neighbors and friends and families, so driving isn't a problem. Our 'hood is located at least 5 miles from the nearest store which is a gas station. We have three neighbors at the moment who are in various stages of infirmity. None of them drive anymore, but all their needs are taken care of by neighbors, friends and family. The one closest to me is bed ridden but well cared for by the support system in place by his wife and daughter and granddaughter as well as a long time friend. He gets physical therapy and other care by visiting aids/nurses/therapist every day. Anything that is needed is delivered. Her daughter takes care of the groceries and the cooking. The granddaughter who is 19, handles laundry and cleaning.

It really isn't difficult. One of the neighbors lived over a mile from me. It was an elder couple and they both got to the point of no driving. I and two other neighbors would take them into town for their doctor appointments, groceries, a rare treat to a restaurant and even a concert. The husband died in his sleep. The wife lived on for another 8 years. She spent some time in the hospital and then had hospice care at her home where she died.

So, I'll disagree with you. Yes, those aged or disabled/infirmed features DO MATTER and are used in the county/rural area.

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Part of the idea of designing for aging in place is so that there is less need for a support system and more ability to live independently.

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