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Rise Art

Lovely article Cheryl. I particularly like the teatime idea with the mugs! There's also some great artwork in these shots. We have an enormous range of affordable artworks at Rise Art, and we've put together collections of pieces under £1,000 and under £500 that might be of interest.

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Second time round, I too love the pull-out chopping board, but I also like my wooden and bamboo chopping boards, as zinxeb has referenced in their comment, and I too like to see them leaning, at the ready, against the tiles behind my counter top. Still wish I had the pull-out tho, as I'd probably use it for extra work surface as well in my tiny kitchen!

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Are those pull out chopping boards hygienic? I wanted one when I had my 1st ever kitchen but after using countless wooden and plastic chopping boards and seeing how stained they can become, I worry about cleaning it. Also, having a busy toddler who's favourite pastime right now is closing cupboards and appliances doors (usually when I've got my head in them), I can imagine a dirty board being put back in when filthy and food getting trapped. Maybe I'm overthinking this and I need to get out more!!!
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