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Lyn Day

It doesn't matter what we all say, the fact is we all need to
do better. This world has become a place of bickering troublesome people. I
blame a lot of it on social media. If you cannot say a kind word then wouldn't
it just be nice to say nothing at all? Consider the future of our kids that
love to recycle, farm, take care of family, RESPECT others and simply do the
right thing. Having a large family is not a problem when the parents are
involved, but most families have both parents working and the children do not
get the development, morals, or values that they need to have a successful
future. I am only speaking from experience and I’ve seen both sides of
development. I know many will not agree and have bad things to say, but it’s
all about compromise if you chose to be parents. Sacrifice is the ultimate way
of life when raising a family. That is if you are an average American that
lives on a budget.

So that being said when I read this part of the post…

If you’re not the handiest person, consider
taking your broken item to a professional, or calling a handyman or handywoman.
These are generally higher-quality jobs than the ones you’d be supporting if
you purchased a new, imported item. Contributing to better jobs performed
locally adds even more to your sustainability quotient.

I had to chuckle because it is so hard to find
a qualified handy man to do anything. I could go on about this but I think it
is pretty clear to anybody that has had major work done on a home. It has been
nothing but disastrous for us as we bought an old home and have had several
things updated or fixed (I say fixed loosely) … fixed many times by different
so-called handy men. And if you call
them out on their work it becomes a cluster of attitude, so just live with what
you got and if it works pray it never breaks. Happy Earth Day … Pray God fixes
it all!

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Add solar panels to the roof. I completed my install last Sept and look forward to banking energy during the sunny days of July and Aug to make the house net zero. Also now driving a Bolt as our second car. Using power off the grid at current electric rates is equivalent to driving a gas powered car that would need to get 60 MPG. We hope to be sun powered my this time next year.

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Thanks for this! As I understand it, there are three key priorities: reduce fossil fuels, donate and support groups and parties that reduce fossil fuels, and plant trees. If we don’t reduce the ff’s and the warming trend, everything else is pointless. Of course in the meantime, do all these things, plus give up on plastics, plant native plants in your area, and support companies trying to make a difference. If we’re reducing consumption in other ways then we will have more dollars for higher cost ethical and green companies.


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