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It is great that the bath and kitchen cabinets were donated to Habitat for Humanity. I would encourage folks to donate to these organizations if their cabinets are in good shape.

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This is a wonderful article and very informative. When my folks purchased their condo in Miami, they did a lot of ground work in advance. It did help they rented the condo first and got to know many of the owners as well as the board.

One of their rooms was totally back - ceiling, walls, furniture, floor, drapes. Of course, that was changed. After my father had a major stroke, they had to do some changes so his wheelchair would fit in the guest bedroom and bath. They had no problem with the board to give them an OK as they were not only well liked over the years the lived there full time, but my father took an active roll on the board when a seat became available. He also served a president of the board for 5 years.

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Mogul Interior

Living consciously becomes even better when we create a Conscious Home. A home that is connected to our energy fields or aura and is a reflection of us and our life gives us the nurturing care that we need. Knowing the different fields of energies and how they are connected to the environment and the universe gives us the tools we need to create balanced interiors that inspire our minds and connect our spirit to the Divine.

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