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I've never heard the hay comment mentioned in the article before. Anyone else ?

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@salamoneg I have but in a different context - more like if you do use hay or straw or shavings make sure they aren't dusty. As I mentioned in my above post, I used both shavings on floor and hay for nests for many, many years in my 10'x12' hen house with no problems. Straw is a mite course for hens. They prefer something soft to sit on, just like humans, do. :)

Us rural folk tend to go more for function and use with easy for keeping clean and disease free. Urban folks tend to go more for looks and awesome sauce looking coops. They tend to buy and do before they educate themselves on all the diseases and problems that occur with poorly designed hen houses. A few of the coops above lack a good air flow which stagnates things which can promote problems. Where their water is place in regard to their food. Scratch is more like a treat than a balanced food source. How many nesting boxes and what cubic foot of space to supply and where to put them in relation to the roosts. Too large or too small make for unhappy ladies so production decreases just on space alone. Then there is properly balanced nutrition or there tends to be not only poor eggs but weak shells and problems with the gals. Then you should know how to remove a broken egg from inside a hen. If you don't she'll die. And that increases your expenses.

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The title of the article led me to think there would be advice on the pros and cons of setting up a backyard chicken coop. Instead it just basically said, "Here are some ideas for your backyard chicken coop." I could just google that.


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